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Antonio and Rosanna met at a prayer conference in Thessaloniki in 2019 and they got married in October 2020. Currently based in Greece, their focus is mainly prayer, worship, evangelism and Bible teaching. They want to prepare the church for the days to come,  for the hard times as well as revival and the last harvest of souls. Besides partnering with the local church, facilitating teaching and mission trips, they are also building a network of agricultural communities of prayer around the Mediterranean.

Keyboard and the Sword is inspired by Psalm 149:6 'Let the high praises of God be in their mouth and a twoedged sword in their hand'. This is exactly what this couple's ministry is about: worship combined with the Word of God, in order to fuel intercession and spiritual warfare.



Where are we based?

Rosanna - Keyboard - is from the Netherlands and she just loves to worship Jesus! When she was 3 years old she had her first encounter with Jesus in heaven during a time of worship. She always wanted to become a flight attendant and a gospel singer and her dream came true, because she became a singer and a missionary. At age 19 she went to Kansas City to do a Bible School with the International House of Prayer and at age 21 she became staff. Her main focus was translation, working in healing and prophesy rooms, singing in a small prayer room and leading prayer for Europe. She spend a total of 3.5 years at this House of Prayer. After this she spend 8.5 years at the YWAM House of Prayer, the Tabernacle, in Amsterdam. It was there where she started leading worship, taught singing and piano, but also taught at different internships, houses of prayers, youth groups and DTS schools in the Netherlands. She also ministered in different nations like Germany, North Macedonia, Italy, Norway, Belgium, England, Malta, Israel, South Africa and the Dominican Republic. Her passion is to see every nation, tribe and tongue worship in spirit and in truth until Jesus returns.

Antonio - The Sword - is from Italy and passionate about meeting Jesus in the Bible. He loves finding treasures in the Word, talking to Jesus and sharing the Gospel. He got radically saved at age 22 from a life of drugs and darkness during a nearly death experience. Jesus met him in the hospital and through this encounter he got powerfully healed and delivered. Antonio wrote a book in Italian about his faith journey, called Manifesto. After spending six years in France and one in Spain as a youth worker, he enrolled in a Missionary School with Youth with a Mission (YWAM). At the end of the school, God called him to stay as a missionary in Greece. He served with refugee ministry in Lesvos, helped kickstarting the Lighthouse 24/7 House of Prayer in Athens, evangelised Gipsy communities, served Hellenic Ministries with a church plant in the island of Crete. He is now focused on strenghtening the Christian community in Thessaloniki, answering the same prompting of the Holy Spirit that led the Apostle Paul here in Macedonia 2000 years ago.



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