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Teaching Topics

We are passionate about teaching others what we have developed through years of experience.
We love to impart and train people in these topics, locally, online as well as internationally.

Check out our Areas of Expertise, Online Courses and Free Downloadable Material below.

Worship & Prayer

Spiritual Warfare

Prophecy & Priesthood

Power Evangelism

Online Courses

We provide two online courses:

1) Spiritual Warfare (next session: October 2023)
2) Worship and Prayer (next session: Winter 2023/2024)

The lessons of each course will include practical excercises and homework. This will be processed in an online group setting with an additional Q&A time and guest speakers.
Click on the screen below to watch the introduction video to the teachings.
Contact us for more information, cost and exact dates of the courses.

Free Material:



A practical tool to help you go deeper in one Bible verse and encounter God.



A list of prayers from the Bible that will help enrich your prayer life.


Resources for evangelism and for the first steps of discipleship in the journey of faith.


A strategic use of Biblical truth for protection, blessing and spiritual warfare.

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